Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interactivity in Web Design

Increasingly, interactivity has become a central theme in web design. The web is a very different place than it was in the 1990s when websites operated in isolation and users simply retrieved information.

Cutting edge web design should create platforms for interactivity at every opportunity.

Successful websites encourage interaction on some level. Single user interaction is about engaging individuals in elements of the site's content. This includes creating product portfolios, galleries or quote generators that encourage individuals to engage with the site's content.

Interaction that is positive will encourage the user to form some relationship with the content that is more meaningful and more valuable, than that of an observer.

Multi user interaction is about creating a space for users to interact with each other. Forums, blogs, polls,  and discussion groups facilitate dialogue and create communities around a specific topic, location or area of interest.  Good web design  encourages users to generate their own content and share it with other users.

Websites do not operate in isolation, but  should allow themselves to be  thoroughly connected and integrated.

Web designers should anticipate the needs of end users and cater to the way that people behave online. Websites could incorporate video in youtube or link users with common interests on facebook or twitter.

The links to and from the site should be logical and useful to the user.  Relevant web design  should add value at every opportunity.

How to make websites interactive:

A blog  or a forum can easily be added to a website as a subdirectory. Users can interact with the blog by leaving comments.

They can ask questions or start conversations in a forum across a range of different topics. This allows the user to engage with areas of content that are specific to to their needs.

Web design that incorporates podcasts or videos on youtube allow users to engage with your content in a different format.

Chat windows are a useful tool that lets users chat online with customer services, without having to phone in.

Social bookmarking allows users to  recommend your site to their friends. Add social bookmark icons to your website to make this easier and to create the potential for a surge in web traffic. Icons can link to facebook, linked in, my space, twitter and a variety of other sites.

Ezines or newsletters can  help to establish your business as an authority and help build  a relationship with visitors to the site. You must ensure that the ezine is wanted and that it is useful or this will have an adverse effect.

Interactivity is not the only element of good web design. The best websites are easy to navigate, consistent, helpful and intuitive. While search engine optimisation in a website's design can help bring visitors to a site,  good web design should  also encourage users to stay and browse. Visually interesting sites and sites that provide useful or unique content an help captivate users and build an audience.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Elements For Web Designing

Web Design is a huge element in web development and can make or break your business. Web Designs are sometimes over lookup in web development. But your web design affects your customers decisions and your overall performance. Listed below are some of the most unincorporated web design elements that every website should think about.

Yes that Image is Cool, but We Need Content

Read up on some Search Engine Optimization or SEO before you start you web design. Search Engines read your pages through your code. So if your text is images or you have non related content before your body content, the search engine is going to read it like that. When the search engine bot doesn't have anything to read, it doesn't think your site has anything on it. Removing images as text and adding more content will help your site rank better.

Tables = Bad

For design check out Cascade Style Sheets or CSS. Tables are out of date, slow and not search engine friendly, again please use CSS. CSS is very easy and better to control your design on your website. With CSS you can do anything you want with your design down to the pixel.

Website Design Navigation

Don't change your navigation on your website. Keep it the same for every page. Various changes in your navigation is bad web design. This can cause confusion for your visitors. Icons are very pleasing to the eye, but can hurt your design if you are using them for navigation, add text to help visitors decode your icon. With the help of text explaining what the next click will be with an icon will help visitors recognize what they are getting into.

Contact Information for your Business

If you have a business, have a contact page so they can get a hold of you. With a business it is a good idea to put your business name, mailing address and phone number on your website. Spammers looks for websites that have contact@webpage.com, make it more unique. Most places use contact as their contact email, but spammers have caught on to this and will just send emails to contact@whatever.

Enter Page Titles

Placing something other than your business name in your page title can give you an advantage. This is one of your most important elements in SEO. Your page titles should be a small pitch of what your page is about. Don't use up your page title space for you business name, put some keywords and relative content in there instead. Put something that describes your page and then your business name after your keywords.

Get a Site Map

Having a site map is a good idea for your customers or visitors when they are looking for a certain topic. But not only does it help your visitors it will help your search engine awareness. A site map for those who don't know is a one page that includes all your pages with links to them.

Viewing Resolutions

There is a hand full of web resolutions that users use. You should try to optimize for the most popular ones. A website with a liquid layout will adjust itself depending on what the user has set for their resolution. Finding out which resolution to optimize can be tricky, but Google Analytics will give you an idea on what people are using.

Choose Your Web Browser Carefully

Make sure to test your website in all the popular internet browsers. There are web browsers that are easier to work with than other. Don't optimize for only one of them. Leaving out any popular web browser is like leaving out visitors or customers.

There are even more factors to web design. These are just some that web designers miss in their designs. Having some of these elements can help your visitors be more comfortable on your site, meaning more sales or less bounce rate.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beginner Web Designing Classes

For the beginner, words like PHP, HTML or CSS can be similar to Greek which is why beginner web designing courses are so popular. This article will take you through some of the pros and cons of on line study vs. formal schooling. Read to see which is the best for your state of affairs.

Web design is one of the growth industries in the world right now with many more companies and local businesses returning online to take advantage of being able to promote themselves.

With the web rising rapidly in the mobile market, particularly these past twelve months or so, there is a strong demand for web Independentrs to work. For individuals looking into learning about web design, it is important to know what options for learning there are and there are a couple of courses to look into for beginners web style courses.

These are the community college direct and the on the internet course course.

This set of tips for beginners will look at both of these options and provide an outline of what's good and what's bad about either option.

Firstly, the pros of going down the neighborhood college direct:

One. If you go to college, you are working in the direction of a nationally recognized qualification. At the end of your studies, you will have your associates degree.

Two. You have physical interaction with your teacher and students. This is important in building up networks for the future and for being able to see other people's ideas and techniques and for you to share yours. Also, your teacher is there to answer questions immediately.

Three. Internships. Most colleges have good connections with businesses and companies and are likely to help you get an internship. having an internship gives you fingers on experience in a company which will vastly increase your experience.

The cons of college:

One. The cost is quite high. You'd be looking at around k for tuition and materials for your two year course. Then of course, rent and food is on top of that.

Two. You have to complete many other subjects that are not related to your major, but are required as basic education towards your degree.

Three. The major tends to be rather general and doesn't go into fantastic detail. College education is designed to give you a feel of what branch of your major you want to study further.

Secondly, the pros of learning online:

One. You have a great deal of choice as to the type of web design you want to concentrate on. Learn Dreamweaver, Flash, XHTML, CSS, php, SEO, there are even course on how you need to write content for the web. There are a wide spectrum of courses available.

Two. It is much cheaper than college. You pay for the courses you want to do, and you are not made to take subjects that do not interest you.

Three. You work at your own pace.

The disadvantages of on the web courses:

One. You have a lack of physical interaction. This makes you more isolated and makes constructing networks that much harder.

Two. Your qualification is not recognized as much as college education.

It really is dependent on the direction you want to take. If you want to be employed full time, then the college education is a must, it's very difficult to get this type of work without a degree. However, if it's Freelance work that appeals to you, then the more practical on the net courses are going to be more beneficial.

Theoretically, a blend of the two is best. Go to college and get your associates degree and then right after, look to specialize by concentrateing on your chosen discipline in web style and pick the applicable on the net courses.

This will offer you with an fantastic education and In the end make you more attractive to a full time employer and to the Self-employed market.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Web Designing Ludhiana share Web Designing Tools

This is likely to find the tool, the best web design. Named for the Swiss army knife of web developers , Dreamweaver can be very overwhelming at first. But with a little practice you’ll wonder how you survived without it.
Let intimidate the flash options, and Perl. What is rock on Dream Weaver compatible with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which means you preview your work before uploading. In addition, integrates seamlessly with other Macromedia products, so if you’re a genius when it comes to creating Flash presentations is the fact that a snap.
If you want to learn a little HTML, you can also split the work screen to the WYSIWYG and HTML encoding (what better to learn to see what looks like the code really?) Display.

If the HTML encoding is your kind of thing, you can empty the WYSIWYG option to receive a whole. And if you get really good at HTML, Dreamweaver provides code hints that shows what options the code snippets and code, a panel that need to store common pieces of HTML that always seem.
Dream Weaver usually takes to learn a long time, but take courage: the value of education.

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 For those who create with Microsoft Office (including Word), the program websites work for you.
Its user-friendly interface provides easy access to editing features (unlike previous editions). As Dreamweaver, which divides the screen to display HTML and website design website hosting.He also has CSS, which means that the accumulated layers of an option.

Under the direction of the consolidation of the software and Microsoft IntelliSense, the options for the code that you, as exhibitors.
Although not as much eye candy as Dreamweaver available, FrontPage is ideal for small business and school projects.

Adobe GoLive 6.0 If you swear with the Adobe products, it’s obvious to you. The format is like any other Adobe themselves familiar with him will be easy. It also integrates all the Adobe products ityoull closely with Photoshop, Illustrator and LiveMotion. What learning means to pull other files into Adobe GoLive. How sweet is that?
But as with any Adobe, if you are not familiar with most Adobe products, you need a little time to adjust. This is a very heavy instrument, and if you are serious about implementing this web page, you could see the trade in this software to another.

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