Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Web Design Melbourne

Eye Bridge Soft Solutions offer to its customers a full-service web design, prepared especially for them. Our designers and Web developers have the experience, advanced knowledge of web design and are highly qualified to provide unique, creative and viable business solutions, web design that focuses on its website aims to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your online business site.

Creative design, professional website with advanced techniques in web development, so that the web-design your company a commercial success and is well positioned to generate the combined growth of the outstanding cases.

With the latest technology and the latest web development, our web designers and developers specialize and work on your project in three phases of quality assurance. The phase of web design is carried out in consultation with the client. Our goal is to get our experience in web design, qualification and training of the customer's personal preferences to the best web design combine.

During the development phase of the website, the work is done on our servers for web development.

Intermediate server, the client developing web solutions presented continuously in a secure environment can contribute, and ultimately lead to usability tests and signs. The website is fulfilled in the live production server.

The testing phase of production for all sites work on a number of different browsers (Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox, Safari and others) in both platforms to test both Mac and PC monitors desktops and laptops, and all popular screen sizes and resolutions.

Our company goal is customer satisfaction overall, we have a combination of skills of high-quality, professional web design, excellence in web development and ongoing customer proactively reaches customers focused on long-term business website needs to create.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Web Design Fundamentals

You might think that this article is about technical stuff that relates to web design fundamentals; however, I decided to write a piece that is very much based more on the actual visual experience of your web project. There are several things that should be taken into consideration like navigation and layout that truly matter to your project.

Navigational flow and functionality are of utmost importance to any website whether it's business or personal - coupled with faster loading times of your web page and quicker access to the most important parts of the information you offer. Of course, most of this you will only find out once you have installed an analytics program and begin receiving worthy amounts of traffic for you to perform a full analysis of your design.

Analyzing the way that people interact with your site, the pages that have the longest and most fruitful views etc will help you better understand what your users are looking for and better position them within your site.

Many people have forgotten that the visual style of your site should be pleasing enough to capture a visitors attention and bring more traffic to your site. It is also important to remember that keeping the visuals down to a minimum can be helpful to search engine optimization, however, this does not remove the idea that your visual design can still be very pleasing.

Keeping advertising and any extra information down to a bare minimum will also help you to ensure that you always keep the visitors attention on the product and/or service that you are offering.

Remembering what your visitors are looking for and what your site is meant for will help to keep the visitor traffic flowing through out your site.

Everything should be easy enough to find and you should consider what you would like to see more off or where you would go looking for a similar product.

Always keep in mind that content is king, it always has been, and it always will be! People are always looking for the best information that pertains to their searches and if you are targeting something in specific ensure that you have a lot of value for them as this will bring about trust and a good and loyal traffic base for your website.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Smart Web Design Suggestions

Web design encompasses a tremendous amount of information. Naturally, you can find a tremendous number of large and small companies that will design a first class site for you. But do you know what you need to have in mind when you're working with web design? If your site is designed well, and is optimized, then it's one less thing to worry about when you want to drive traffic and have it convert for you.

The opposite is true, as well, if your site has bad navigation, or is not clear - then people will leave almost immediately. So that's why you need to give good design its due, and only create sites that follow important design criteria, etc. So that's what this article is about, good web design for your online business.

There's a lot to design, it's not just about graphics because you need to be sensitive to your market like avoiding popups, as an example.

Sometimes what you lose will outweigh any gains made. If you don't want to test, then the conservative approach is to avoid using them. You can get popups that cannot be blocked, but people will know what you're doing and they won't think well of you. Some people may actually associate you with spamming if they see them. But it's no problem to get optins, just use an inline subscription form on your site.

There are very many reasons to not use flash. Not everyone has hi-speed internet, believe it or not, and flash takes forever and a day to load in those situations. Flash and SEO do not go well together, either. And as you know, people online are extremely impatient, so that will not help a flash based site with many. Flash was popular a long time ago because it looked cool and it was novel.

Impressive and looks good, sure but it still irritates many people. If you just want to impress, and not make money, then go for it. Other than that, if you're a business and want to optimize your site, forget flash now.

Always avoid having music load and play automatically when the site opens. Most people do not appreciate that, and if their volume is turned up - it will really make 'em mad. Also, those video walk-ons you see now, be very careful because they do it automatically and it isn't always appreciated. Just hand over control to your visitors because that's what they want.

You should want to have a site that connects with your audience, so now discover what that is and then do it..