Saturday, September 19, 2009

Web Design India - Buisness Web Design

When designing business website, its good to try experimenting something new as long as one is sure what the output is going to be. In case if its not known its better not to experiment with the things and go with the web design standard.
Flash website designing is really good but only when you have some physical business not online business.Because flash create much issue in order to do SEO of any website.So if you want to use it then try to follow the standard of the Google.t he suggestions are as bellow.
Minimize the use of images
Optimize images for the web
Use Tables creatively
Cut down the use of animated gifs
Design simple icons
Use background images instead of big images whenever possible
Try out CSS Styles
Use Flash sparingly
Design most of your site in HTML
Keep checking your load time
So to supplement as to Flash Web Design, I would highly suggest devling deep into actionscript. The more control of the content the more streamline and effective the approach is. If you can only do basic things in flash, fades, rotate, image swaps, morphs, etc ,then you probably should stick with the more standard approach for web, and use only flash to accent the design. I will also point out you don't use gifs in flash design, swf, flvs, or if you must mov. files are the actual file formats you use to work in for animation or movie content
Flash is no doubt can help to create eye catchy and attractive design. While using a website with flash your tips might be helpful to some extent but at the same time you also need to know about how to optimize a flash site properly. Otherwise you might face difficulty in achieving top rankings in search engines and gradually your business could get down.
If you see an interesting Web Design India, color scheme or layout, try to use it as a starting point for your own web design. Follow the proper HTML standards and check whether your website is HTML-compliant, to make sure that your website is displayed correctly in all browses. Make sure that your site is quick to load in any browser. There are obviously a number of factors that can affect how quickly a website loads, but try to make sure that large file sizes isn't one of them. Try to create a unique design. Do not overdone your Buisness Web Design by adding numerous animated GIFs, fade-ins, etc. Any Graphics that you use on the website should always support the content and never dominate the content. then you can create great-looking animations, banners, and other animated effects for your Business Web Design
If standard means boring repitition then I don't follow standard but if it means to follow developed areas of web designing then it should definitely be opted