Thursday, November 5, 2009

Web Design Made Dazzling

Web Design is now indispensable for every business. On the other hand everyone knows that the world of the internet is now flooded with websites and all the website have not been successful. The most common reason for this has been the sales oriented approach and not being enough appealing for the visitor. One should realize the fact that finally it is the buyer of the products or services who generates the revenue and runs the business. Now the question is about how to make the website eye-catching.

Following are some key aspects for making the web design user friendly and dazzling.

Visual content:
The images, animations and videos are the vital ingredients of the visual content. The images selected should be directly related to the theme of the website and convey messages about the services / products offered by the website. An appropriate message not only makes the website attractive but revels to the visitor what is being offered through the website. Studies have already proved that the images are more effective at converting the visitor into a buyer than the text messages. The video of the testimonial too or about any other relevant aspect of the website has also been found to be very effective.

Attractive Slogan
The slogans are short sentences or phrases that attract the visitor and appeal to buy the product or service offered by the website. The slogans should be short and sweet. The slogans should not be used so many times that the visitor starts thinking that the website is just interested in closing the deal.

Color scheme:
Usually the back ground is kept light and the color of the text is kept dark. If the text and background are both dark colored it becomes difficult for the visitor to read the content. Usually sober colors are used as background. Use of attractive and bright colors is usually avoided because at times the bright colors could be irritating and just put off the visitor.

Space between paragraphs
The paragraphs should be spaced evenly such that the visitor finds it easy and comfortable to read. The visitor should not feel that the lot of content is stuffed in limited space.

Size of the Fonts:
The font size should be such that the target audience can read it easily. This is very critical when the average age of the target audience is more than 40 years.

The heading and subheadings should be attractive and relevant to the content in the paragraph. The font size of the headings and subheadings should be bigger than the rest of the text content. This makes the spiders of the search engine feel that the content is organized.

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