Thursday, April 1, 2010

Best Web Design Company

The best web design company is the one that offers measurable results. These results are received when the web design meets web programming that not only offers a seamless, trouble-free user experience, but also sends any results of that visit back to your office. The information includes clicks, sales, leads, new subscriptions, services provided, and user information if they've filled out account information fields. Web design from Optimum7 is focused on providing your company with the information that makes a difference to your bottom line in advertising, sales and marketing.

We customize your user's experience on the Web site, and your usability of data retrieved at the server-end in the following ways:

Research starts with an in-depth review of the client's business model and plan.  After we get a feel for your company, its goals and the core values that drive it; we make analyzing the competition the next priority.

This is where we exploit any weaknesses they may exhibit, and build upon their strengths; all with an eye towards our client's bottom line.

Based on information gleaned from our extensive research into your company, your products and services (and those of your competition), we devise a strategy to integrate marketing, advertising and sales strengths into your Web site, with complete ease of usability for any visitor to the site, and accountability on the back end to your company's analysis centers. A good-looking, easy-to-navigate site that results in sales for you is at the core of our battle plan.

After we have gathered the tools we need from you regarding logos, branding, color schemes, general lay-out guidelines and every bit of information needed to create a meaningful Web experience, we let our designers loose to build.  Frequent feedback sessions and interaction with your marketing department ensures a process that results in expectations being met (and exceeded), fantastic visual effects and content that really pops.

Art meets words to bring your site to life, in a way that is not only visually appealing, but also results in very real sales numbers.

Approval of the web design means implementation on the web, and we bring the whole thing to life with front-end coding. XHTML/HTML and CSS combine to drive the website's look and feel in an unbreakable, seamless fashion that is consistent across all browsers, and all operating systems. In this execution phase, iQuery's JavaScript library handles all interface animations, and our hand-coded site language allows control that manual operations do not; we are able to correct mistakes immediately. The site is also optimized for SEO content as the designers go along.  This helps drive customers to your business and keep you at the top of search engines.

The best web design company will always allow the client final word in every step of the process while guiding them on best practices. With professional guidance from us, and creative and content input from you, we can create and experience that will please users and your company, and in the end, result in higher sales numbers. Contact our team of professionals today to bring it all together.