Thursday, July 8, 2010

Web Designing No No's

In the contemporary world the Web Designing Companies are doing commendable work with the companies as they try to make the company get the online presence which is so much in demand these days. By doing so; they provide some glamour and charisma to the otherwise mundane and boring company profiles and advertising stints. However even though everything is being taken care of by the design companies, it is not that they would always do the things in the correct manner. There can be some egregiously performed acts that can reflect badly on your site. Therefore, some of the common blunders listed below should be seriously avoided:

• Excessively literal searches should be avoided. These reduce the visibility of the site instead of increasing it. The Search engines should be able to handle typos, hyphens, plurals and other variations of the keywords that the users type in.

It is not that the users would always be aware of the right words; they might just type in something in approximation, therefore the search engines should be able to decipher it and look for the required searches in an adequate manner.

• The web designing companies clarify that the PDF Format should be strictly avoided for the websites as well. It is great for printing and for the purpose of distribution of flyers and pamphlets. However the users hate coming across a PDF file as it breaks the flow of reading, and also because the standard commands do not work well on the PDF files. Therefore these are a big No No for a successful website.

• Texts should be easily categorized into various segments in the form of bullets, heading subheadings, paragraphs and simple writing technique with lots of white spaces on the page.

Doing this easily give some breather to the users who could be overwhelmed by seeing the write-up on the pages. Therefore all the companies who try to get involved with the expansive and uninterrupted content should be strictly avoided by the companies.

• Website design companies further say that the user should always be aware of their location on the site. Therefore the pages and the links that have already been visited should appear in a different colour text. Being aware of your past and the present location makes it easier for you to decide where to go next from the position that you are in. If the links are not highlighted then the users can feel lost in the vast navigation scheme of the site.

• The users now are so goal oriented that they simply search the text that they are looking for, completely ignoring all the advertisement and other marketing stints that come in their way. Therefore, while designing the site the designers should pay close attention to anything that looks like advertisement and such designs should be strictly avoided. By doing so they can attempt to get the due attention of the users, who might consider giving a glance at the text and therefore might get interested in the write up. Therefore the significance of the effective design tools should not be ignored and enough resources should be spent on the design attributes of the website.

Taking care of the aforementioned design strategies it becomes clear that a successful web design is not a stroke of chance, so much forethought and clarity of perception goes into getting a site for it to succeed with the customers.