Friday, December 31, 2010

Specialized Web Design from Web Design Belfast

Web Design is a many faceted concept and can range from the simple to the extremely complex. It is a constantly changing technology as it has to adopt to new media innovations and ways and means of presentation online. With the rapid expansion of social media and telecoms we can now surf the net on smart phones and tablets.


Web Design Belfast understands the ever changing nature of Web Design to meet the challenges and demands of related telecoms technology and the growing population of smart phone users. Much more sophistication is provided by the development of 4G telecoms technologies and Web Design must collaborate with and embrace fully new innovations in customised sites for smart phones. It is estimated that 12% of all online purchases will soon be accessed through 4G smart technology, so Web Designers should expect many online businesses to request specific demands for the development of websites best suited to hand held devices.

This is a potential area of sales that both businesses and Web Design companies will ignore at their peril.


Web Design Belfast insists that Web Designers must encourage solution provision for Internet users on hand held devices. More than 50% of these users are currently using Android phones and this growing market needs careful consideration and better servicing. The current complaints that download times are slow on these devices should inject some urgency into the industry’s efforts to improve both website quality and download speeds. Web Design Belfast acknowledge that complacency is not the attitude for Web Designers who aspire to keep abreast of new developments in related technologies.

Businesses also need to embrace changing emphasis on marketing vehicles and approaches. New marketing strategies have to be built around new platforms for brand growth and development. Submission to search engines to create greater awareness and promote better page rankings has to be part of any Web Design development programme.


More innovative methods of presenting product and content for smaller devices, must ensure that sales conversions automatically follow footfall. Every potential customer who surfs the Internet must be romanced and drawn into your website by whatever marketing techniques at your disposal in order to benefit from this growing niche market. In this respect the same principle that applied to online services on PCs also applies to hand held devices. The required end result remains unchanged, however it is charting the path to that successful sales objective that challenges Web Designers.


Businesses have to stretch their marketing cloak to now cover Facebook and Twitter. These social media sites command an ever increasing popularity and your business and product awareness can be increased substantially through social contacts and friendship networks. Web Design Belfast can affirm that the Web Design Industry as a whole have taken cognisance of the latest trends and technological advancements and are beginning to react accordingly.