Friday, February 11, 2011

Web Designing - An Introduction

Web designing in general is a process of doing any thing with web site, either designing a template, or designing the banners, or any thing else that involves creating an item which is published on the internet. The foremost thing in web designing is the presentation of the website to the users. In essence, you need to be creative to design an exclusive website, also you must have the knack to learn new techniques and should be able to implement them in you design
The basic features of the website design includes, the content to be included in the web site, and this content must be relevant .Next is the user interaction with the web site ,in order to make it better the web site must be designed user friendly. It must be designed in an elegant way; also the look and feel of the design must be good and appealing.
Some of the facts to be considered while designing the website are:
·   Standards- it is always must to check if your design meets the World Wide Web consortium standards.
·   Font- while choosing a font chose the one which is professional, easy to read and a browser compatible.
·   Color-it is very necessary to choose the accurate color for the web and that should blend your website.
·   HTML- knowledge on HTML and CSS will be an advantage to make good design.
·   Images-images are the main contents in Web page; therefore these images must of high quality and must be able to be viewed in all monitor resolutions.
·   Navigation- the navigation in a website must not be complex it should be easier and that constructs a user friendly website.
·   Background and foreground color- instead guessing the colors, go ahead and test the colors to find the absolute one.

This is the most important factor in the design of a website.
Thus these are some of the most important facts, rest are like sitemap, image map, link building, file size etc.