Sunday, March 6, 2011

Web Designing and Web Development

Web Designing is the tool to publish the information via contents, images, audios and videos through the World Wide Web, with the help of Web browsers or some other relevant software's related to Web browsers.  Markup Languages (HTML, XHTML, XML) are use to give instructions to web browsers how the information are displays in the website.

The pages which are developed using those Markup Languages are called Static Pages. Those pages are using tags to place information's in Web Page. Scripting Languages such as ASP, PHP, and JSP are not required to develop static pages. Static pages are shows the information whatever written in tags, those information's are unable to change rather than to modify in source code.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript (Client Side Scripting) are also in the major role to create static pages.

Using the CSS, user displays those sites their own styles. The main advantage of CSS is, if the user wants to edit the appearance of their site means, not necessary to go and edit all pages in the site, just edit the CSS means whole appearance of the site will be change. So it is use to increase to design the site faster and very attractive manner too.

JavaScript is a Client Side Scripting language. Basically Web authors are not complete programmers, but javascript is a simple scripting language, a little amount of code is enough to describe small piece of information. JavaScript is a freeware language, so not necessary to buy or get any license to use it.

Web Development

Web Development and Web Designing are different terms, lot of members have confusion about this.

Basically Web Design is describe as Architecture means, Web Development is describe as Construction. Both need various skills to handle. Web Designing deals the images, colors, contents appearance in the Web Page. Web Development is a backend language use to create Dynamic pages. Scripting Languages like PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, PERL are use to create dynamic pages.

Those dynamic pages are change depend upon the users. For example in shopping cart website different users are logged in, depend upon the users the page information are change rapidly. Information's are retrieving from databases (MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, etc); session and cookies .Session and Cookies are temporary memory to store and retrieve data's. Each scripting language has unique script to retrieve and store those information's from session and cookies.

Before creating dynamic pages, knowledge should be in database is must. Database is another way to store the dynamic data's. Scripting Languages are having different connections scripting to connect desired databases. Databases are using different queries to insert, fetch, update and delete records. Usually dynamic pages are called database driven web applications, that means pages are edited depend upon the value in database.

Web Development and Web Designingshould be following the unique principle that is to give website or web application with user friendly manner. Developers and Designers are concentrating to design websites with attractive, user friendly and security manner. Those are the important one to reach the goal of the website.