Thursday, August 11, 2011

Web design misconceptions

If you are a beginner in the field of web design, there are a few things you should keep in mind before having your website designed. We deal with a lot of consumers from all walks of live and it is generally rather alarming to listen to the myths and lies that they have been told about websites and other online marketing related goods and services.

Web design companies are there for a reason. Do not bribe your friend’s second cousin’s mother’s friend’s teenager son to develop you a low-cost website. Most likely they are just accepting the venture to have some extra McDonalds and arcade cash and they might possibly not have the skills necessary to design a professional looking website.

Developing a website is the start, and not the end of your internet existence. Once you have a website, you can’t merely relax and expect that visitors will be streaming to your site, producing a 200% rise in your monthly revenues! Having a website is much like launching a new shop in a quiet shopping centre.

Unless you do substantial advertising, no one will know about your wonderful new store and cool opening deals. Some web design firms offer online marketing solutions too, or it may be required to call in the aid of a firm that are experts in website marketing.

You do not have to wait a few months for a website. With the number of tools and content management systems available these days, web-developers don’t have to spend countless hours programming a website word for word. Because of this turn-around times on websites are much quicker than usual and you can have a professional looking website up and running in a few days – of course depending on the complexity of your website.

More is not always better.

It is not necessary to have a highly complex website with a thousand fancy images and interactive forms. Internet users tend to be searching for something particular, the quicker they could find it on your site, the better. It’s also not required to flood the customer with an overkill of data. Keep your information short and sweet and to the point with a couple of images and a nice design to attract the required interest.

Your website will not automatically look as good on your work computer as it does on your home computer. Keep in mind that people use different types of pc’s, different sizes of screens and even different operating systems. Ensure that the web design company you select build a website that works well on most computers and operating systems. Things like tables, pictures and forms can look quite out of proportion if not developed correctly.

A web design company cannot start the development of your website before they’ve received all of your content. When you approach a web design company, make sure that you have all your information prepared. It is impossible to come up with a design and do a proper site layout when they have nothing to work with.

Have fun with your new website, may it bring in plenty of new clients and be a highly effective advertising tool!

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