Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Web Design and SEO

When we create a web design, there are two most important things that we look for. One is how attractive the design is and the second is how user-friendly and neat the website is. We tend to pay a lot of attention to the design itself because we all believe that it's the design that helps you create the type of atmosphere you want. With appropriate colors you can give the feeling you want. However, it's not an easy thing to do and only an experienced web designer can create a quality design that will depict the business model correctly and also create a smooth environment.


We pay attention to user-friendliness because we all believe that if our site is not easily accessible and if it doesn't look clean, then it will fend off our potential buyers. This is something very important and without proper navigation your website will fail miserably.

It should also be neat and clean because a badly cluttered website won't be liked by anyone. So, your efforts must help you get the best of your web design and these two things are important if you want to succeed as an internet business owner.


However, without SEO, these two things won't help you at all. You might wonder why that will happen. Well, you have a good design and it looks extremely attractive and professional. Your website is also user-friendly with neat and clean links, content and images. However, these won't benefit your business if your potential buyers are unable to find your website. See, if no one is coming to your website, then how in the world will you sell your products? If you are unable to sell your products or services, then it means your business is going down and eventually you will end up closing your site.


This is the very reason why SEO is important for every single business website in the world.

SEO allows you to attract the most targeted buyers. See, when we need to search something online, we simply Google. Therefore, if you appear on the first page of the results pages, then you will be able to divert the most targeted traffic to your website, when your market will search for your products. Even though you may do PPC advertisement to instantly bring traffic to your site, but all businesses, especially small businesses, are not able to afford the cost of it.


Even though you can bring traffic for free with SEO, but you need to know the best practices. You need to learn and implement what search engines like and you need to avoid what search engines don't like. There was a time when people did keyword stuffing and managed to boost their rankings, but those days are long gone now. You have got to have natural content and you need to know how to optimize it according to the guidelines of search engines. Once done, you will enjoy free and targeted traffic to your website.


So, ensure that when you create your web design, you also keep in view the latest SEO guidelines.