Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Research And Development Stage Of An Internet Marketers Online Business

Ever wondered why some Internet marketing business fail? While other just seem to roar with success. I'll let you in something straight away. The successful business owners online don't suddenly get up one morning, fire up a website and "SHABANG" - It's a success and they have loads of disposable income through luck.
It simply doesn't work like that. Successful businesses online go through a whole process of research and development which can be ongoing to keep the website performing at its best. Some will go on and build at times several hundred websites by performing adequate research and developing a site around consumer demand, then move on and build more. Others just find a sweet spot and can make the amount of money they want from their business with just the one website.
They all start with the research stage. Not just to find the keywords but to find out what is going on behind the searches that is showing them that there are certain keywords getting typed into search engines. That is just the start of the research stage. Finding groups of keywords that have search volume. High search volume with low competition is an ideal keyword to go for. Those are few and far between though. It is so much easier to go long tail and go after as many long tail phrases that could be profitable for an online business.
The research stage starts out with keywords and then things move on the development stage which requires a bit of action with the keyword terms. Forums work great for this as an internet marketer will see first hand what people are looking for and then be able to match up products and offers that would be of interest to the people behind the search.
It is the essential part of relevancy. To start out with keywords, investigate the audience looking for the information and develop your online business around what people want. The internet is fairly similar to a high street. If you go to shopping mall and set yourself up as a painter and decorating service with no products to sell then you will be paying overheads for real estate that isn't delivering on profits. It gets the word out but that is it.
Online business for a successful internet marketing business is similar in respect that you need to do the research and develop your products/promotions around where the people are searching. That is your URL and your keywords. Those are the 2 components that establish where you set up your real estate online.