Wednesday, November 14, 2012


When you are not given a demo account, you must not put your trust on the company. In one case, TradeRush is a SCAM because they do not give you any demo account like other brokers. Trade Rush agent only has one purpose in his mind. That is to rip innocent people and make them at great loss. If you invest 250 US dollars in binary options, no longer after that you will lose all of your investment. You cannot ask the company to refund your money because the company will just blame you. At the end, Trade Rush is a scam that will put you to the severe financial situation.

When you are setting up your account at Trade Rush, you are not given any clear explanations. More so, they do not have any responsibilities since you are the one who is at your own risks. You will be at fault for not reading the terms and conditions but the fact is it is printed by clicking on one of twenty five links in a very small print. Trade Rush is just a guessing game and you should not sacrifice your life on it. To sum up, save your financial life by not investing in binary options.