Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rules In Web Design

Graphic and web designs are tailored specifically to attract maximum attention or interest. A great looking design is more likely to be easily recalled than a plain and simple one. Designing is governed by basic rules. The most important rule is that a web site must be easy to read. It means that that the text and background colors are selected very carefully so that the background does not obscure the text. The dark and light colors should be matched that it does not defeat the purpose of showing each color on a different angle.

An example is the use of dark colored text on a light colored background or vice versa. Careful use of size should also apply to convey the right message. Texts that are extremely huge may be interpreted as screaming to visitors or readers while text that are too small are difficult to read. Capitals or bold letters also convey a shouting message thus a mixture of small and capitalized text is better.

You do not want to appear shouting at customers right?

Thus a balance in everything is equally important. Correct alignment such that the text is aligned to the left and not on the center, is easier to read. Central alignment of text is used mostly on headlines. The second rule is that the web site should be easy to find. Although we are already in the computer age where everybody is expected to be computer literate and can navigate the internet single-handedly, the thought that everybody will be looking for such site is sometimes not true because people will be looking for a certain site if there is an online and offline promotion.

Relevant information makes a sense of security to the end users. The third rule is navigational accessibility which means that graphic images such as buttons are properly labeled. The navigational buttons should serve its purpose to guide end users rather than confuse them using flashy colors and designs. Constancy through the use of color codes should also be maintained such that, for example, a blue text should only indicate an unvisited link and not for any other purpose. Uniformity in their function should be prioritized. The fourth rule is consistency and coherence in every detail such as headings, footers and background effects. The last rule is the speed of download.

A person’s attention span is so limited that even a minute of waiting causes boredom. Your visitors will quickly lose interest if the page they are trying to open does not load in fifteen seconds. No one would want to stare at an empty page.

Web page design is such a complicated field that web page designers need to do continuous research to develop their style without being stereo-type. Before you embark on your Bethesda web design, you have to consider the basic rules in DC web design so that you will be guided to make your own personal preferences.