Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Understanding About Web Designing

Web designing is all about creating a web page. It mainly centers on constructing web page front end. Who created web designing? In the year 1991, Tim Berners Lee created the first web site, combining Internet with Hypertext. Now this web designing is quite advanced, as markup language used for web designing is modified to become more complex and flexible so it allows the web designer to add images and links.

Web page provides the user with ocean of information about that particular website with the help of various technologies. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language used for web designing and this will enable the browser to present information needed for that particular page. There is also another version of HTML which is known as XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language). Hyperlinks in a web page, gives you access to browse another page by clicking a specified link. There are two phases for any web page. First phase is a visual presentation wherein the user usually interacts and second phase, includes back-end operation which is not for human interaction.

Before creating a web page, it is important to have a proper planning. Planning involves what precisely is needed for that particular website and creating web page should be in such a way that it increases the viewers for that website.


To explain web designing in a simpler way, web designing is equal to publishing a book and it involves the same as print publishing. Each website has an information display container similar to a book and every web page is similar to page in a book. Though, web design uses a structure based on digital code and display technology to build and sustain an environment to dispense information in multiple formats. Web designing if considered with its fullest prospective, is unquestionably the most complex method to hold up communication in today's world.


It is necessary for web designer to describe the main purpose for designing a site. The main purpose should concentrate on what the website wants to achieve and what the viewers will gain from it. So, each website should clearly state it purpose as it will help the viewers recognize the site and the contents well explained. Formulating short and long term goals for the website will ensure the future wealth of the website and overall improves the website.


It is very important to know what the viewers is expecting in a particular website and this is important as it helps in website target market. It is also important to clearly know what type of viewers is needed for the website. Understanding the viewers, helps in effective delivery of what is required by the viewers.

The web designer should be flexible to the changes happening around and update the website accordingly in order to stay in the market. Web designing in Saudi Arabia is upcoming field currently and opportunities are endless as many companies in Dubai and other Arab location are looking for good web designers.